Music XR Experience

Emotionwave is creating a new music environment and experience using XR technology. We bring together music experts and IT tech experts to create new music experiences.

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Virtual Reality Concert

Emotionwave's virtual performance technology recreates the legendary stage. In addition, it maximizes musical expression and sense in a concrete virtual space that we can feel even if we do not go to the actual concert hall.

Augmented Reality Music Visualization

Emotionwave's augmented reality music experience is visually expressed by analyzing instruments or music in real time. In addition, it provides a service API that allows you to easily express as if you were with me by summoning an invisible artist through fusion with AI characters.

Mixed Reality Streaming Platform

Emotionwave's XR team integrates mixed reality production and ultra-low-latency live streaming technology to support the creation of mixed reality performances and broadcasts that could not be easily created before.

XR Music Space and AI Ensemble

Emotionwave combines with AI robotic band technology to provide a new offline music studio and stage experience. The ultra-realistic stage combines with mixed reality ultra-low latency streaming technology to provide an innovative music experience.

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Music meets VR/AR : Emotionwave