[AR Insider] Enter the K-Metaverse: Innovations from South Korean Companies in Immersive Technology

2023-08-31 11:17
One of Korea’s government institutes, the National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA) has selected 6 Korean metaverse and XR companies to be featured at the K-Metaverse Pavilion at Augmented World Expo Asia (AWE Asia) 2023, AWE’s official conference in Asia. The K-Metaverse Pavilion will showcase innovations in the Korean metaverse industry at Singapore Expo from August 30-31, 2023 at Booth G1.

Additionally, the Korean companies from the K-Metaverse Pavilion will each take a role as an official speaker at a conference session. The session will take place at SubStage 1 for Developers, Platform & AI Track on August 30th, 11:30am – 12:25pm.

The conference session entitled “Enter the K-Metaverse: Innovations from South Korean Companies in Immersive Technology” will allow each company to present on technological innovations of K-Metaverse companies, as part of their global expansion efforts.

Each of the six Korean companies has its own agenda and theme:
  • P&C Solution: South Korea’s Vision for XR: Transforming Industries with AR Glasses
  • Dataking: The Future of Creation-to-Earn and Web3.0
  • Emotionwave: Innovation of Music Experience through Metaverse based on WEB3
  • Salin: Museums for ALL: More Inclusive Museums.
  • Lita: Experience of Ancient Civilizations in the Metaverse
  • Dooribun: Specialized Metaverse Media Service for Virtual Character Content Creation, I-TUBER
If you’re interested in how Korean companies are innovating and driving toward an immersive future, please join these presentations. Again, you can see them during the Developers, Platform, & AI Track on Sub Stage 1 at AWE Asia on August 30th, 11:30am – 12:25pm. Register here.

At last, if anyone is interested in building a potential partnership or collaboration, please don’t hesitate to email Mr. Alan Park.


Explore the Full Lineup

Here’s a list of companies you should meet…

P&C Solution

P&C Solution is specialized in XR technologies including AR glasses, VR simulators, and metaverse solutions. With a focus on addressing industry challenges, the company introduced an augmented reality glasses “Metalense”. Metalense addresses the discomfort commonly associated with AR solutions by offering an in-house AR Engine, and the advanced optical technology that seamlessly integrates real-world and augmented digital images. As a dedicated member of the XR community, P&C Solution stands at the forefront of XR technology advancement.


Emotionwave operates under the slogan “Convergence of Arts and Technology”, creating a new culture where anyone can easily create their own musical inspiration. It utilizes diverse metaverse technologies, specialized AI music, media live streaming, virtual human production, and even blockchain technology. And it is realizing metaverse digital twins based on these advanced digital technologies. Now it’s providing an innovative musical experience that connects to O2O through Metaverse Internet of Things.


Doribun’s I-TUBER enables everyone in the metaverse space to become active content creators with their own personas, rather than passive observers. Incorporating real-time facial capture technology and various broadcasting features into one software, anyone can easily and conveniently become a virtual creator. Without complex equipment or specialized skills, you can become a virtual character and create content within just 10 minutes with only a PC, iPhone, and a microphone.


Dataking is a Web 3.0 Metaverse Solution Provider. It is the No.1 VR museum content creator in Korea amongst other competitors. It has 77 business partners and has created 230 online virtual museum content. So far, 360xcon’s main customers are companies that work for building exhibition conventions, and companies(B2B). Its Hexaworld Web 3.0 metaverse co-creation platform also allows you to create and trade your 3D content in a virtual space.


Salin provides a tailored XR Metaverse platform per enterprise/organization. Its service ReadyPlay is a SaaS-based metaverse platform that has more than 11 enterprise customers. It provides a wide range of device support such as Android / iOS / Windows / MacOS / HMD.


LITA Corp’s “Lost World” offers a unique virtual reality experience through HMDs, allowing users to immerse themselves in ancient civilizations that no longer exist. Some of these virtual settings replicate existing sites, while others, based on historical accounts, recreate landmarks that have either vanished or cannot be verified today. This content transports participants across various civilizations, giving them a sensation akin to traveling through time, as if they are stepping into authentic scenes from history. Currently, the platform provides immersive experiences of six distinct civilizations: Angkor Wat, Rome, the Pyramids, Bagan, Baekje, and the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. LITA Corp. aims to expand this virtual space, intending to create an expansive metaverse where users can explore the entirety of human civilization in one place.

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