MWC2022 Industry City Conference_Emotionwave Inc. – David Cho

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1 Hello, I’m David Cho, CSO of Emotionwave.

Today, I would like to introduce the global metaverse concert technology

and our innovative k-metaverse throughO2O.

2 the transition to a non-face-to-face society has occurred at a rapid pace.

Metaverse is also accelerating its growth as part of this social change.

3 In particular, the metaverse industry ecosystem is becoming more complex due to WEB 3.0,

and many digital terms are attributed to the generic concept of “metaverse”.

4 The music industry was also affected by this huge trend.

In music, audio communication, latency, and realization of realistic performances. through actual performances are very important

However, due to the absence of such a music-only platform and technology,

the problem of concert communication through the metaverse in the pandemic era persists.

5 EmotionWave’s “MUTA” was developed to solve this problem.

In addition, in order to realize the sustainability of the metaverse,

we are strengthening mutual complementarity with offline businesses as the pandemic ends.

6 MUTA Metaverse Station Solution is a technology

that can share internal and external contents

through the establishment of an OS system within the metaverse.

In order to connect various metaverse concert,

we are eliminating barriers to users’ entry

into the metaverse by linking extensions such as Unity-Unreal-MIDI-Audio and others.

7 MUTA O2O Station Solution is a technology that links online and offline.

It is a metaverse concert-type IoT system in which activities in the metaverse are connected to equipment in the real world and operated by making the metaverse assets,

such as sound equipment, musical instruments, and other concert equipments in the real world and linking them.

The device experience within the metaverse enables the operation of the same device in the real world.

And vice versa, realizing a digital transformation that realizes interconnection between online and offline.

This is defined as MIoT, that is, the Metaverse Internet of Things

8 Through this process, Emotionwaveis innovating the Metaverse O2O experience.

Rather than simply sharing the online concert experience,

we are achieving technological innovation

that can satisfy both artists and audiences

through actual instrument sound, sound and lighting production,

and platform connection technology.

9 The global concert market is continuously expanding, and Korea’s K-pop is also joining.

Through the O2O Metaverse, we are promoting the expansion of the K-POP industry through K-Metaverse technology -and the revitalization of global concerts that connect online and offline.

This is a low-cost, high-profit structure that allows you to easily and conveniently create your own concert.

Furthermore, we want to expand the performance ecosystem by allowing more audiences and artists to participate.-And this is not far.

10 With K-Metaverse, By MUTA,

Picture your performances, MUTA makes it possible

Thank you.

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