MWC2022 Demoday_Emotionwave Inc. – David Cho

 In Investor Relations


  • Hello and welcome everyone.
  • My name is David Cho, CSO of Emotionwave. 
  • Today, I am here to introduce our innovative metaverse platform for concerts.


  • Emotionwave provides a metaverse concert solution that combines various cutting-edge ICT technologies with music. 


  • Worldwide, the music market is transforming from music to be listening to music to be seen. 
  • Although the concert market is expanding along with it, performances have been the sole domain of large-scale entertainment due to economic problems about production cost. 


  • So we made MUTA.  
  • In MUTA, connectivity from mobile to VR as well as offline is possible, and performances through the metaverse are reduced to 1only 0.1% of the existing production cost, so anyone can create and enjoy performances in global.


  • MUTA, a metaverse concert platform, allows customers to create music and stage productions through a built-in concert solution. 
  • Since sound, video, and stage equipment in the real world are transferred to the metaverse as assets, it can be used to create a metaverse stage. 
  • In addition, even beginners can create their own music through a music creation program and various presets.

With the vision of developing platform technology for new creations, Emotionwave is creating a new market through technological innovation.


  • Through all these processes, MUTA is creating a new business model.
  • Eventually Weprovides to customers, 10 times more sales through global metaverse concerts with with only 0.1% of the existing production fees.


  • Currently, a hybrid music festival is in progress through online and offline connection with K-POP and Hallyu contents that meet in virtual reality withSKT


  • We Maximize sales through digital transformation to Metaverse based on existing AI music, AIoTinstruments, digital human technology, etc.
  • Based on these, we will grow into a leading metaverse company in the creation, performance, and broadcasting fields of the entire music cycle.


  • We are now partnering with various large corporations
  • Here at MWC, we are looking forward to meeting with partners and investors who share the same vision in our venture.


  • This has been MUTA from emotionwave, creating a new era of metaverse concerts for all.
  • Just Imagine your performances
  • Thank you.
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