2022 AWE Nite Seoul – Emotionwave Inc. _ Rio Jang

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2022 AWE Announcement Script

[Page 1] MUTA XR – New Era on Concert System through Metaverse

Hello everyone, it is such a pleasure to invite me to AWE Nite 2022. My name is Rio Jang, a founder and CEO of Emotionwave. Today, I am here to present our innovative metaverse platform.

[Page 2] Company Introduction

Before we begin the presentation, let me briefly introduce our company. Emotionwave provides a metaverse concert solution that combines various cutting-edge ICT technologies with music. Here, at the bottom is our main services. RIMA, the AI music platform. Aimple, NFT-based Digital Human Entertainment Platform MEW, Global Kpop & Music Education Platform. VISCOOP, Media Live Streaming Service Platform. IT Service, Web & App Service Planning and Development. And, Software Development for Music & Performances.

[Page 3] Why We Need MUTA XR?

Currently, many changes are taking place in the performance industry due to COVID19 and the development of technology. Even though we are facing the end of the pandemic regulation, innovation in concert industry is still going on.

[Page 4] What is MUTA XR?

MUTA XR is the world’s only 5G-based Metaverse XR concert production platform. Through 5G-based XR technology and live streaming technology, anyone can create an immersive concert that is completely free from the constraints of time and space.

Here is a brief MUTA XR Service Process. By creating digital human, users can

implement avatars into XR stage and also by creating AI music content, they can

generate NFT revenue by hosting virtual concerts.

This is really great because with MUTA XR, you can host metaverse concerts on PC, web and even on mobile. It is so customizable that you can create various scales of stages. You don’t have to be professionals to host your own concert. And, you also can utilize a lot of genres such as classical music, dance, opera and theater.

[Page 5] Technology Conceptual Diagram

Here is a key technology conceptual diagram. Users can upload 4K video files, live

stream, map themselves to 3D avatars or upload volumetric AR on MUTA XR creating tool to host integrated immersive concert via smart TV or 5G Device.

[Page 6] MUTA XR Service Example

In MUTA XR, performers and audiences from around the world are connected to the metaverse, and through this, various services such as 5G-based virtual remote

ensemble, VR/XR concerts, and community activities are available to experience.

[Page 7] MUTA XR Reference video

Now, I would like to briefly show you a 5G-based Metaverse XR concert video made with MUTA XR.

[Page 8] Digital Human

From now on, we will explain the core technologies that make MUTA XR possible.

Within the space of MUTA XR, alter egos are essential. The digital human can be

implemented in a variety of ways similar to the user or in a completely new form, and natural movement like a human is realized through facial capture and motion capture technology.

[Page 9] Extended Reality (XR)

We are developing various technologies such as volumetric AR production technology, VR-based virtual space production technology, and projection mapping technology so that people can create more interactive metaverse XR concerts/ through MUTA XR.

[Page 10] AI Music

Emotionwave has competitive music AI technology, and with this, we support MUTA XR users to create music content. This is a melody that a famous Korean singer, Park Wangyu, hummed on the spot. AI collects information from this melody and analyzes the genre to create a complete piece of music. This music AI technology enables people without musical knowledge to create, record, and release music.

[Page 11] NFT

In order to protect the music content created in this way and to be able to monetize it within MUTA XR, we have adopted NFT. With NFT, we plan to provide various functions to users, such as not only authenticating and protecting the ownership of creations, but also easily paying for concert profits and using it for events.

[Page 12] Vision

Based on these technological process and achievements, we will grow into a leading metaverse company in the distribution, education, creation, performance, and broadcasting fields of the entire music cycle.

[Page 13] THANK YOU

Thank you for listening to the presentation and thank you for inviting me to AWE

Nite 2022.

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